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Event Marketing is all about facilitating, easing, opening, accelerating and shortening the sales cycle. So, what we do and how we operate is by becoming part of your team while we keep our eye on your prize. With LOVE; conferences & trade shows, product launches, sales meetings, executive functions, customer and partner programs, press & analyst events, employee incentive trips, sports & arts hospitality initiatives, online campaigns, sponsorships and strategic philanthropy – come to life!

Meet Allison

As an accomplished marketer, brand champion, author and speaker, Allison Saget has deep expertise and a proven track record in event strategy and management, advertising, collateral design and production, direct marketing, logo merchandising and broadcasting. Education and hands-on experience combine to deliver an integrated event strategy and execution that supports an organization’s key business objectives. She focuses on metrics and measurements for ROI related to marketing dollars and how every initiative must reinforce the organization’s goal.

In her 20-year marketing career, Allison has created, designed and managed well over 1,000 events. Clients and work experience include; high-tech, retail, media, education and healthcare industries.

Author | Speaker
Author | Speaker
"The Event Marketing Handbook is the key to learn how to be a strategic event marketer in your organization. The templates alone make this book something every event marketer needs to own."

~ Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM and author of - The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals

Consultant | Executive Producer
Consultant | Executive Producer
Allison Saget is president of her own event marketing consulting firm that helps clients reach their key business objectives through events, virtually and onsite.
Marketing Guru 100%
Event Marketer 100%
Contributing Author
Contributing Author
Allison is one of those rare events professionals who absolutely understands the marketing impact and subsequent sales results that great events are designed to deliver.

~ Scott Ingram, Founder of Sales Success Media

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The EventBLT Template package includes everything from Discovery Session and Target Audience Profiles to the Positioning and Messaging Framework to the Event Marketing Plan and Budget.

There are 12 templates available at no charge that are easily customizable.

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