Understanding your company’s or your internal/external client’s sales initiatives and business objectives are the fundamental key for a successful event.Logomark_blue

Events create awareness for a company; they allow that company to show the marketplace what they have to offer in their best light, to show a breadth of products, services and solutions that clients can rely on.   Once a company understands their company’s sales initiatives and business objectives, the next step is making it come alive in an event.  No matter what the sales initiatives or business objectives are companies hold meetings for or participate in events based on three primary reasons – known as EventBLT™

1.    Brand Recognition
2.    Lead Generation
3.    Thought Leadership

Brand Recognition

Integrating the brand could be as simple as the logo or as complicated as the corporate identity — the company name, the product name, as well as the positioning statement. Brand recognition is bigger than just events. It is an integral part of the marketing mix. It runs the gambit and is a long-term initiative.  icn_bacon

The single, most important piece that is the continuity point is the brand.  Event Branding is emphasizing what the image is. Companies, with strong existing brands, find the constant need to maintain dominance and positioning, while firms without brand recognition seek to make a name for themselves within the space. When it comes to the event execution, branding occurs from the pre-planning phase to onsite to post-event activities.

The key is in the approach and incorporating the brand every place on any budget! Event branding is something that you can gain in one event. Brand awareness is something that you work on over a course of years. It is important to use events as an integral part of your company’s marketing plan.

Lead Generationicn_lettuce

Lead generation and lead capture are much bigger than just a single event or event strategy. First, it’s about the relationships you build and then it’s supported by the processes you put in place, allowing the event lead through the sales cycle.

In the face-to-face event environment, you become open-minded to what the issues are, and allow yourself to find solutions to any obstacles that may come your way; The EventBLT approach follows the old classic push/pull strategy all the way through the process. The goal is to identify the touch points and think creatively about how to generate that lead. Events let you qualify and quantify. Qualification is for sales, quantification is for dominance.

Thought Leadershipicn_tomato

The term “Thought Leadership” is a buzz word.  Many people use the term in relation to claim their position and the issues they want to convey. When you work in events, it’s all about getting above the noise. Events are a great way to position yourself as a thought leader within the industry and to meet with people on a one-to-one basis, so they hear you.

Whether you work for a large corporation or small company, thought leadership is about evangelizing, advocating and championing the message. By integrating thought leadership into events, you are accelerating the sales cycle. Thought leaders are experts or recognizable individuals. If you carefully craft their message to reflect what it is you want from your target audience, you provide another opportunity within the sales cycle.