About Us/What We Do!

Event Marketing is all about facilitating, easing opening, accelerating and shortening the sales cycle.  What we do and how we operate is by becoming  part of your team while we keeping our eye on your prize – the event experience as it relates to working on:  Conferences & Trade Shows, Product Launches, Sales Meetings, Executive Functions, Customer Hospitality Programs, Press & Analyst Events, Partner Programs, Employee Incentive Trips, Sports & Arts Hospitality Initiatives, Online Campaigns, Sponsorships and Strategic Philanthropy.

Allison Saget Event Marketing Experts provide high-touch brand recognition and lead development programs that move you beyond common logistics and planning, from creative concepts and solutions to development and execution, to reuse and re-purpose of programs.

What We Do is:

  • Create a unique experience for your company and target audience.
  • Develop a personality and an atmosphere in which your company can shine and excel.
  • Ensure the right blend of communications programs with the event as the nucleus, but enriched by programs that accentuate that experience before, during, and after the event.
  • Think like a salesperson: work with you to build the customer life cycle and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Win customers for life; and build new business opportunities.
  • Provide a thorough approach to every touch point opportunity, every detail.
  • Budget extension and management.

About Us:

Allison5426FINALAccomplished marketer, “brand-a-holic,” author and speaker, Allison Saget has deep expertise and a proven track record in event strategy and management, advertising, collateral design and production, direct marketing, logo merchandising and broadcasting. Education and hands on experience combine to deliver an integrated event strategy and execution that supports an organization’s key business objectives. She has multiple experiences working as part of a marketing team that helped take a company to the next level of success. She also has a hard focus on metrics and measurements for ROI related to marketing dollars and how every initiative must reinforce the organization’s goal.

In her 20-year marketing career, Allison Saget has created, designed and managed well over 1,000 events. Clients and work experience include the high-tech, retail, media, education and healthcare industries.
To learn more or schedule time to chat, contact: allison@eventblt.com